All outstanding enterprises, have a great business ideas,The concept of enterprise becomes the enterprise activity guidelines. Employee goals. Penoso corporate philosophy personalized also has unique, different enterprises.This kind of personalized and differentiated is worth of Penoso corporate image, the key talent showing itself spread rapidly, directly affect the public to enterprise property identification, but also directly affect the worth of Penoso in the market's competitiveness.
The enterprise culture is the enterprise in the development of the gradual formation of a as recognized by all employees and compliance, with organizational characteristics of the mission, vision, purpose and spirit, values and business concept, And these ideas in production practice, management system, staff behavior and the external image of the sum of.
Penoso Core Values: Integrity, Dedicated, Responsible.
Penoso Spirit: Create the first-class brand, Made the first-class products
Penoso Mission:Focus healthy drinking water
Penoso Desire:Lead water purification technology development
Penoso Operating Policy: Customer first, The pursuit of excellence
Penoso Service Tenet: All for customers
Penoso Style:Innovative, Pragmatic, Cooperative, Efficient
Penoso Administration: The humanized management, Market operation.

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